In the Leeway



In the Leeway began as a series of self-portraits. I had been experimenting with collage as a way of altering the space of my photographs and I saw a parallel between the improvisational nature of the collage process and the redefinition of self that comes with aging.  

As the work developed, I began to think about the idea of leeway in a broader sense. To give something leeway is to be flexible, to encourage variation.  To give another person leeway implies acceptance of an alternate approach. I wanted to explore this idea as it relates to my marriage so this series includes portraits of my husband and some writing that describes our differences.  

In the meditative space of editing my images with layers of collage, I give myself permission to stray, to go off course: what begins as one image quickly became another, constrained only by the need to create unity.   






1. freedom to act within particular limits, the allowable margin 

2. the sideways drift of a vessel