I have been involved with photography most of my life. I studied at the School of the Musuem of Fine Arts in Boston and worked as a high school photography teacher for 20 years. I am currently working full time on my fine art photography projects.          

As a street photographer, I value the split second poetry the camera reveals in unguarded moments, the sense of significance it confers on a human gesture. When I shoot, I look for the moment when the gesture of the figure suggests the person is at home in the space. I use architecture to convey scale, the grand exterior surface of the city.

For me post processing is an act of translation. I use scanned in layers of painted surfaces and torn paper collage to refine the composition. In the same way that painters use color and form to draw out something essential about what is front of them, I use Adobe Photoshop. I like working at this intersection of painting and photography and the slightly surreal edge that is created by the mix of real and flat space. Someone once described my images as magical realism and I though that was a good observation.