I have been involved with photography most of my life. I studied at the School of the Musuem of Fine Arts in Boston and worked as a high school photography teacher for 20 years. I am currently working full time on my fine art photography projects.          

As a street photographer, I value the split second poetry the camera reveals in unguarded moments, the sense of significance it confers on a human gesture. When I shoot, I look for the moment when the gesture of the figure suggests the person is at home in the ambient city. All of my work has a similar tone and feeling of containment. I use architecture to convey scale, the grand exterior surface of the city. When I edit, it is with the intention of creating a contemplative mood within the structure of the existing composition. As Henry Cartier Bresson observed, photography establishes balance between the world inside us and the world outside.

I use scanned in layers of watercolor washes to align the camera’s reality with my perception. There are times when the images become painterly. I like this intersection of painting and photography. A friend once told me that my images look like someone’s memories.