July 2016-ongoing  Photographs available through the Art Rental Sales Division of the Vancouver Art Gallery

Group shows

June 2017                   Canada150 Kimoto Gallery, Vancouver, BC

April 2017                   Celebrate Abecedarian Gallery, Denver, Colorado

April 2017                   Viewing Drawers Blue Sky Gallery,  Portland , Oregon

April 2017                   Built  23 Sandy Gallery, Portland , Oregon

November 2016         Invisible Cities, Constellation Studios, Nebraska

October 2016             Cornucopia Abecedarian Gallery, Denver, Colorado

July 2016                  Art at the Port, Anacortes Art Fair, WA

July 2016                  Focus on Book Arts, Forest Grove Arts Assoc, Portland

May 2016                  Wanderlust 23 Sandy Gallery, Portland , Oregon

September 2015        Artifact Abecedarian Gallery, Denver, Colorado

January 2015             Art of the Book, Rochester Public Library, Rochester, NY

December 2014         Winter Salon       Photohaus, Vancouver, BC

September 2014         Wanderlust Show Photohaus, Vancouver, BC